Sunday, October 6, 2013

Someone special in my Heart!

My desperate heart wants to sing a song.

My proud heart wants to praise - singing glory.

My innocent heart wants to chant - to appreciate.

My grateful heart wants to salute - to honor.

               I admire the gardener who nurtured me.

               Who supported me - a weak creeper.

               Who succored me to live with deadly thorns.

               Who fetched sunlight to enlighten me.

A soul - who was made fun of, often,

Still thought of only one thing – ‘support’.

Taught me how to meditate and relax,

And advised me to follow ignorance.


A magical dust - who surrounded me,

Inspired me to be smiling always.

Helped to dream and achieve success,

And realize – failure is a proof of courage.

An angel - being far, resides in my heart.

Cried for my wounds, while making me strong.

Made me discover more angels, to be happy.

And never wanted to say goodbye forever...