Monday, April 7, 2014

My Cute, Young, Little Tiger!

Hey, kitty! You are so lovely!
Staring and casting spell silently.
Alright! Let me give a guess.
You want me to do a usual address.

You were my cutest kitten ever,
With hands up being a heavy sleeper.
You always slept bothering none.
Liked no disturbance from anyone.

Do you remember the athlete - mouse?
It scared and made you run mewing.
It's funny! I could see anger on face,
After reaching mommy, with teeth biting.

Then mouse became your prey,
And thought you are undefeatable.
Dogs made you cry, and me worry.
Your mom saved! That's unforgettable!

That incident haunted you so badly,
Hunting and excitement - now a pain
Your eyes looked dull, being lonely.
And tricks to make happy, all in vain.

You love change, so I tried a trick.
I put you on bed, I jumped near you.
It made you fly-up! That's wack!
Your eyes shined with joy filled in you.

Days went on making you naughtier.
Inspecting anything, intruding anywhere.
Shouting at you; made you look sadder.
I felt sorry for that forever!

It was your cue to now impress.
You approach me with a cute smile.
There we forget our distress -
Playing like friends, running a mile.

You were no less in frightening one
Let it be person, mice or dogs.
It's to keep yourself safe from anyone.
I know that's one of your best tricks.

I'm so blessed to have you in my life.
You will be in my heart like a bestie.
You are my cute, little, young tiger.
Who loved and cared being so wee!