Sunday, August 11, 2013

Happy Rakshabandhan - My lady!

My eyes can see you gracefully dancing around.
My ears can hear lovely songs sung by you.
You disappear by lightning speed,
When I try to come nearby you.

Do you remember those days?
You - a small baby and I - a school kid.
You had such a pleasing, smiling face.
Even though you were sleeping, I had smiled 

I remember those fights, which seems to be lovely.
One had to push and it is ended with slap by other. 
I wonder - I can raise my hand on you, hardly.
Scholars call it being mature.

Hey! Do you remember our live stage shows?

Western and Salsa made it master-blasters!
The comments still echoes in my ears:
"They are brother and sister - today's performers!"

Whenever we meet, you always love to be with me.
We walk hand in hand, making people around jealous.
You always wanted to be the first one to tie Rakhi.
And I always reserved, nearby wrist - the first space!

I still have the space - that's reserved for your Rakhi.
I wish you could be with me when I tie Rakhi, from you.
But you are so far, and I know you are important for me.
"A blessed happy Rakshabandhan!" is my hearty wish for you!