Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Cycle – “Why did you do this to me?”

Let it be poor or let it be rich.
Let it be younger or let it be elder.
A single question in all the hearts:
“Why did you do this to me?”
   Some may know the reason or probably not.
    Some may be the victim or probably not.
    Still you will sense the same question…
    Can you prove me wrong?

If it is something good – you’ll find no question.
But if it is not - point of discussion.
I hope not to have those seeds.
Doesn’t a seed produce millions, becoming a tree?

    Oh dear! It’s not funny any more.
     When you will be in the cycle o this question.
     It’s time for you to ask yourselff:
     “Why did I do it to them?”

And if it rings the bells of your heart,
 And your eyes flood with tears,
You can destroy the cycle by asking this question:
“Would you please forgive me?”

       But if this cycle is your entertainer,
       I wish you a “Good Luck!”
       I would pray for you, so that you’ll never ask:
       “Why did you do this to me?”

Guide Me, My Love!

Oh my Love, help me please!
My heart whispers always
Questions in my ears.

                What do you feel…?
                How do you sense…?
                 Why do you think you love her?

I close my eyes to meet in dreams.
My lips get together, as no words to express.
And my head bows down with no answers.

                For me, you are the Honey – Bee,
                Which dance around the flower daily.
                Realizing them – “You provide sweet honey!”

For me, you are the angel,
Which cast magical spell,
Who lives in the magical world, looks well.

                I was like the dark clouds,
                That was good for only lightning and thunders,

                But now I only spray the lovely droplets.

I was like the beastly human,
Who never cared for anything or one,
But now I forgot how to ignore one.
                Great are your birth-givers,
                As you are the daughter of theirs;
                Casting spell for millions of wonders!

Being grateful, I have only one question.
Dear, why would I be your rejection?
Without you, I would not have got this perfection.

                Oh my love, guide me please!
                My restless heart always whispers
                    Questions in my ears.