Happiness vs. Gladness!!!

Let’s talk something very much interesting and surprising today. Did anyone think about what’s the difference between “Happiness” and “gladness?” No worries! Even I never thought of it; even though I have been using these words very often. When you assist someone, you tell them you would be happy to help them with their concern, but when you tell them that you are glad to help them, you are adding life to whatever you are saying...
Let’s go to the literal meaning of it.
Happy: Pleased about something nice that you have to do or something that has happened to somebody.
For example:
·         We are happy to announce the engagement of our daughter.
Glad: Happy about something or grateful for it.
For example:
·         He was glad he'd come.
·         She was glad when the meeting was over.
Both the description for happy and glad are similar and talk about the same sense, but there is an essence of gratefulness when you feel or when you express your feelings of ‘Gladness.’
I am very thankful to one of the priests who explained it further. The happiness is a satisfaction something very much worldly and materialistic. If anything good happens to anyone around, you are just happy for them, as it satisfied them and you (even though for temporary basis). Gladness is something i.e. very much spiritual. It has the essence of gratefulness, act of dedication and love for the other person whom you are talking to. Expressing your feelings using the word glad makes the person feel that you are concerned of that person.
Now let’s go to the example given by the same priest:
  •          When you get an ice cream of your favourite flavour and buy it for yourself, the feeling which you get is called happiness. You feel very happy about it and if you notice your heart, you will find it dancing with joy. This is something materialistic, and is for temporary time period.

  • ·         When you get an ice-cream of your favourite flavour that you are about to consume, you find a person or kid looking at you for the same ice-cream. If you would give it to that kid, you can be best assured to have a cute smile and that kid would be so happy to have the ice-cream from you. Looking at the happiness of that kid, you would feel proud of yourself that you have given something to someone which made him or her very happy. It would make you feel happy about yourself which is permanent and that is known as gladness. You would definitely feel blessed from inside your heart looking at that innocent smile of the kid.

These two were just a small example to present the difference between ‘happy’ and ‘glad,’ which has a really, broad difference, and changing yourself and your speech to the mode of Gladness from Happiness can make a HUGE difference in your life and the life of people around you.

So, today let’s all decide that we would switch our frequency to the gladness mode forever, and whenever we assist or speak to someone, we would express our feelings and concern using the word ‘glad’ rather than using the word ‘happy.’
Let’s make the difference by making people around us always glad – inspired by us, so that we can be gladder and feel the difference.
To all my lovely sweet readers and well wishers, Have a Great Time filled with Gladness in your Heart, so that people would appreciate and say that you have something special inside you, and people would be proud of you.
God Bless You All! Take Care!
Yours Lovely well-wisher,
Ansho Anto!


  1. You're a great writer. I'm working on a blog post and stumbled across this post. Thanks for sharing. I'm also a lover of poetry and enjoyed reading yours, too. Good Luck.

    1. Thanks a lot Mrs. Katy Glymph! It's an honor to have this comment from you. Each comment is valuable because it gives me feedback about my opportunities and achievements... Please feel free to let me know if I can help you with anything. God Bless U and Ur family!!!