Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Loneliness!

God waived his hand, spoke something.
He designed this world with everything.
We appreciate, "some are good,"
But some are not necessarily be bad.

Would you exclaim why God made man?
If yes - you would not have seen dawn.
If no - stop criticizing the emotion.
Without emotions, man is not a human.

Experience of bad makes good - best.
Hatred makes love - a beautiful gift.
Loneliness - a great creation of God.
Carves in heart 'Love' for being a beatitude.

Loneliness - one of the relation manager.
Helping you to love like baby Christ in manger.
A beautiful angel with you - like a mystery, 
So that you feel the presence of Lord Almighty.

Loneliness - a friend, rather a supporter.
Being in peace for plenty of time - an offer.
Accept its offer - to get valued always,
As you will be valuing all the Souls!