Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Congratulating All!!! – A way to go...

Greetings ladies and gentlemen!
            Congratulations to each one of you for your successful life!!!
            You all would be wondering why I wished you all congratulations!?! Often I get different thoughts, but never felt it would be better than the usual ones... You would have heard of being grateful and expressing gratitude not just saying thank you. You also would have heard that more you give much more you would be receiving.
So, here I am to present a new thought which you may have come across rarely... It is about congratulating yourself for your achievements... Before you start listing, scratching your head, let me tell you that your life itself is one of the biggest achievements... The biggest mistake we do is that we compare our achievements and then appreciate the better or best ones... What about the good achievements? Wasn’t there enough efforts to achieve it? For each individual they have their own capability and efficiency... everyone has to be honoured and every good deed and effort has to be appreciated... This is the best way to keep up our spirit and ourselves motivated to do anything in life...
            Let’s take an example: suppose you are pouring water into a vessel continuously. A stage arrives when the water would overflow and if it goes out it would either become part of cloud or go deep into the earth to any other water resources... This is all about positive thinking...
People usually appreciate someone for reaching a particular stage... What happens when you cross that stage? You inspire people by overflowing!!! So, remember that, each thing you learn is an achievement. So, I would like you all to understand your smallest of achievements... When you realize those smallest of achievements congratulate yourself. If possible, do the same for others. So that, they will learn from you how to value one’s own personality and achievements... Trust me! This way you will be leading yourself to higher achievements... The only reason why every time you should be congratulating yourself is that - you get an impression about what you are now and then you automatically think of higher targets. That’s how the human nature is!!! It’s like a crazy ball which never remains constant... So, what are you waiting for!!! Start congratulating yourself right now!!!
I know you all are still baffled where to start from... Let me help you with that then you can do your own...
ü  Learn how parents appreciate their small baby while learning to walk... When you compare with adults it’s not a big deal. But think of the small baby. It has put lots of efforts to start walking... It’s really small thing but it’s other way round one of the biggest achievement which you shout happily all around the world.
ü  One more example: a kid is trying to help his father at his work, for an instance, planting a small plant. You appreciate that!!! But when the same kid scores less compared to other classmates you scold without showing a single expression for the kid’s achievement... Just wonder the performance of the kid for passing out with good marks and then say, “I’m sure you will do better next time and we have confidence about that.” Try it and you will find better results. Because the kid is not nervous or tensed for higher targets. He would be happy to try harder to jump to higher levels for better achievements...
            Let’s determine to leave not a single chance to appreciate anyone for the smallest thing one does... Let’s make this world filled with highly motivated and inspiring personalities...

            Wish you all congratulating moments! Until next time God Bless You all! Adiõs!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Ansho, the guy with a smile!!!


Ladies and Gentlemen, this is one of the greatest appreciation I have ever received and I feel great being a poet after reading this... I am happy that I could touch people's heart by my poems...

My hearty gratitude to one of my supporter and well-wisher who wrote this poem dedicated to me... Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! :-D
Here is the poem:

Ansho, the guy with a smile
Which runs for a mile.
The Emerald whose shine
Shines the world and everyone feels it's mine.
The light which glows and gives new meaning
Without which its worth nothing
The messenger of love
As cute as dove
The force within which gets everyone's attention.
When his anger erupts he brings in everything from start to conclusion.
The angel of Jesus
And a favorite like Perseus (Clash of the Titans).
He is one
But never alone.
He innovates
And he cooperates.
Star of consultation
And great in customer satisfaction.
Ansho what will happen if you are not there
I can't think of you not being in any sphere
No more customer satisfaction, nagging, kidding, or bragging
No more pulling, chitchating or running.
No life on earth or the Solar System including planets
Henceforth, Ansho... Ansho... Ansho... (infinity times)
My friend, panchmukhi, Kind,
Maharaj, Reshamiya,  parmanand, 
Lovely, Beautiful, Handsome.
Different names but never first to blame.
May you live a blessed life! Have fun and tricks!
Be caring to your loved ones.
So, the poem ends, but as the saying goes - 'It's just the beginning.'
Because behind every dark cloud there is a Silver Lining.

-Abhishek Dev

Monday, April 7, 2014

My Cute, Young, Little Tiger!

Hey, kitty! You are so lovely!
Staring and casting spell silently.
Alright! Let me give a guess.
You want me to do a usual address.

You were my cutest kitten ever,
With hands up being a heavy sleeper.
You always slept bothering none.
Liked no disturbance from anyone.

Do you remember the athlete - mouse?
It scared and made you run mewing.
It's funny! I could see anger on face,
After reaching mommy, with teeth biting.

Then mouse became your prey,
And thought you are undefeatable.
Dogs made you cry, and me worry.
Your mom saved! That's unforgettable!

That incident haunted you so badly,
Hunting and excitement - now a pain
Your eyes looked dull, being lonely.
And tricks to make happy, all in vain.

You love change, so I tried a trick.
I put you on bed, I jumped near you.
It made you fly-up! That's wack!
Your eyes shined with joy filled in you.

Days went on making you naughtier.
Inspecting anything, intruding anywhere.
Shouting at you; made you look sadder.
I felt sorry for that forever!

It was your cue to now impress.
You approach me with a cute smile.
There we forget our distress -
Playing like friends, running a mile.

You were no less in frightening one
Let it be person, mice or dogs.
It's to keep yourself safe from anyone.
I know that's one of your best tricks.

I'm so blessed to have you in my life.
You will be in my heart like a bestie.
You are my cute, little, young tiger.
Who loved and cared being so wee!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

It's so beautiful!


The boy so handsome - in his suit,
Playing Piano so melodiously,
And the girl in her bridal snowy gown
Performing ballet, so elegantly.
It's so beautiful... so beautiful...

Young and old Couples altogether
Performing Salsa, so gracefully.
Expressing their overwhelming love
With the notes of Violin, so touchingly
It's so beautiful... so beautiful...

Messengers, angels pleased to rejoice
For the Earth never looked so heavenly.
Enthusiastic to spread the good news
To sustain this magic - angelically.
It's so beautiful... so beautiful...

I saw a couple feeling so blessed
Thanking for their life gratefully
They hold their hands and supported
Each other forever, unconditionally.
It's so beautiful... so beautiful...

It was the day of their success
To celebrate it, especially.
One of the wonderful moments,
That's Silver Wedding Anniversary
It's so beautiful... so beautiful...

They were my parents amidst dew
Cutting and sharing cake - lovingly
Daddy, I wish, I could be lucky as you,
And have a valentine like you mommy
It's so beautiful... so beautiful...

Saturday, November 23, 2013

A cup of coffee!

A drink from olden golden days.

That has an important role in anyone’s life.

Famous all over the world.

It’s  a cup of coffee.

If you are broken or sad.

Your well-wisher offers you a cup of coffee.

If you’re happy and excited,

You call up your besties for a cup of coffee.

A cup of coffee - offered. 

Wishing you a great morning,

When you wake up from your sweet dreams.

It makes your day as the best day.

New technologies stepped in,

And old technologies stepped out,

But coffee reserved its place in hearts –

In its various kinds and names. 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Someone special in my Heart!

My desperate heart wants to sing a song.

My proud heart wants to praise - singing glory.

My innocent heart wants to chant - to appreciate.

My grateful heart wants to salute - to honor.

               I admire the gardener who nurtured me.

               Who supported me - a weak creeper.

               Who succored me to live with deadly thorns.

               Who fetched sunlight to enlighten me.

A soul - who was made fun of, often,

Still thought of only one thing – ‘support’.

Taught me how to meditate and relax,

And advised me to follow ignorance.


A magical dust - who surrounded me,

Inspired me to be smiling always.

Helped to dream and achieve success,

And realize – failure is a proof of courage.

An angel - being far, resides in my heart.

Cried for my wounds, while making me strong.

Made me discover more angels, to be happy.

And never wanted to say goodbye forever... 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Happy Rakshabandhan - My lady!

My eyes can see you gracefully dancing around.
My ears can hear lovely songs sung by you.
You disappear by lightning speed,
When I try to come nearby you.

Do you remember those days?
You - a small baby and I - a school kid.
You had such a pleasing, smiling face.
Even though you were sleeping, I had smiled 

I remember those fights, which seems to be lovely.
One had to push and it is ended with slap by other. 
I wonder - I can raise my hand on you, hardly.
Scholars call it being mature.

Hey! Do you remember our live stage shows?

Western and Salsa made it master-blasters!
The comments still echoes in my ears:
"They are brother and sister - today's performers!"

Whenever we meet, you always love to be with me.
We walk hand in hand, making people around jealous.
You always wanted to be the first one to tie Rakhi.
And I always reserved, nearby wrist - the first space!

I still have the space - that's reserved for your Rakhi.
I wish you could be with me when I tie Rakhi, from you.
But you are so far, and I know you are important for me.
"A blessed happy Rakshabandhan!" is my hearty wish for you!