“Your Heart Is Born Talkative And Can Gossip Better Than You!!!”

                While I was trying to go through Spanish Language (one of my recent madness ;-}) in the morning, my heart started speaking to me to write something. (I think it is called an article he he he!)
                Can anyone tell me, whose heart doesn’t wander here and there aimlessly?!? If you are very busy you would have never known what your heart was saying about you, because you did not have time to listen. However, you start listening to your heart when you are bit sad, disappointed or lonely. Trust me! It’s really true!
                You were never sad, disappointed, or felt lonely; if you’ve not heard your heart speaking to you. That is next to impossible!!!
                I have a great idea to make you realize that. Just close your eyes for 5 minutes and forget what you are doing now. Come on, you can at least do that!!! While closing your eyes, you would start thinking ‘Why my heart is not speaking anything?’, but that is what your heart is speaking to you. :-D Now, start giving some topic like friends, going abroad for a tour, hobbies, or dreams, which is well connected to you. I’m sure your heart is going to knit a larger and larger spider-web. That’s the proof, “your heart is very talkative and can gossip better than you!”
                My heart always has the largest spider-web, well knit already, with hell lots of topics and I always get confused what to speak about with my heart. Isn’t it funny??? Ha Ha Ha  
                My colleagues always have the same comment well-packed for me, and gift it to me as soon as I reach my Cubicle or Work-place, after I return from my short vacation. It is “Ansho – THE SILENCE BREAKER – is in.” I just really love that as I feel proud that I am at least helping my colleagues to feel less bored. Don’t worry! I know how to be so silent to make any one realize how boring it is if I would not speak to one. He He He!
                Becoming talkative is very easy and easier. It comes from your heart directly if you are in love with the place you are at and the people around you. Disclaimer: Please make sure that you try to be less talkative if you are disturbing the atmosphere more than required and making the surrounding less productive. Simply to normalize the atmosphere! ;-) After couple of hours you can start doing the same again. It’s really fun! Isn’t it? ;-D
                So, in short, let your ‘LOVE’ be in the air around you, be happy for what you have and you should always be excited as you are going to receive better things in future. The reason is very simple: ‘every present becomes past.’
                I’m sure you would now say, “Ansho’s gone real mad!” I don’t mind you saying that, dear! It is not madness. It is excitement and happiness, which is well in control from ‘HEART.’
                My humble request to you all (to keep yourself REFRESHED and HAPPY), is to talk to your heart when you are at least on your bed rather than thinking what you will do tomorrow; scribbling your touch screen phone for FB or any social network, or mails; or forcing your ears to listen to music. Free yourself, and try to keep you alone for a few moments to love yourself and it would help you to become more energetic and excited for tomorrow to be more successful. I’m sure; it would at least help you to understand “YOU ARE PRECIOUS!!!”
                That’s all for now from your lovely well-wisher! Please keep smiling, enjoying, and motivating others to do so by sending your magical happiness in air, around you.
                Until next time, God Bless You All for the happiest future! Signing off! Adiὀs! (Goodbye!)
Ansho T. Anto

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