Sunday, July 8, 2012

My Dad!

He is more than a best friend for me.
He understands all my feelings.
He gives me whatever I need.
He had always thought about my well-being.
My Dad! My Dad! He is the best for me.
He is the best!
He is not an officer of any great company.
            He is not the richest person of this world.
            He is not a highly qualified person.
            Still he has done a lot for me.
            My Dad! My Dad! He is the best for me.
He is the best!

He goes against the world,
And supports me in my decisions, which are best.
He believes that I’ll be able to do it,
And it has always come true, whenever he supports.
My Dad! My Dad! He is the best for me.
He is the best!
He has given me a caring mom,
            And has given me a lovely sister.
            He has made my life full of thrill and excitement;
            And I love this life the most.
            My Dad! My Dad! He is the best for me.
He is the best!

Let Me Live Mom And Dad!

You were a girl child once, Mom!
Dad, you were given birth by a Mom!
Why do you think – I’ll be a burden?
Let me live too, like everyone.

I have dreams as you do have.
I am a human with heart and life.
Why don’t you think from my side?
Let me be a part of every tour to riverside.

I wish to smell the beautiful flowers.
I wish to dance with colorful butterflies.
Why can’t I be in this beautiful world?
Let me beg you to be in this wonderful world.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Three Roses For You!

I would like to give you the First Rose - A natural one!
The Red colored one - Lovely one.
To say - Congratulations for your success!
It will cast a 'Flood of congratulations' from every lips,
And all the souls will be honored for doing good to human beings.


I would love to give you the Second Rose - An ornamental one!
Made of valuable materials - Gold, Platinum, Diamonds...
To announce - We have a great celebrity among us.
It will rain the shinning droplets, that will reveal your good qualities,
And all the souls will destroy their selfish life - living for others.

It would be my pleasure to give you the third Rose - A spiritual one!
An invisible one - made of emotions of love, caring, sharing...
Oops! It's already with you, which was gifted by Lord Almighty.
It will waive the breeze of inspiration for being closer to God.
And all the souls will learn - how you served millions with the help of Messiah